Our commitment to nature in Corsica

We must act and limit our impact on the environment and preserve our unique island

Since its creation, the Santa Giulia Palace is committed to the preservation of the environment of the island by favoring local production, the efficient management of resources, the use of non-aggressive products and the daily maintenance of a 10-hectare park full of endemic species open to visitors.

The Rispettu label is a conscientious approach for Corsica and its sustainable development

In 2017, we have strengthened our commitment to nature and its sustainable development by receiving the Rispettu label, with the highest rating in Corsica. This label rewards the actions carried out by the Residence in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, the management of waste and the consumption of local and organic products.

Fruit of a conscientious approach built on the duration, the label Rispettu marks a new step in our commitment to our employees, customers, and partners, ensuring the establishment of concrete actions within our institution, such as an optimized use of water and energy resources or the establishment of a breakfast offer totally consisting of local and seasonal products.

Our on-going commitments

  • Use of biological cleaning products
  • Solar panels for hot water system heating for the renovated lodgings
  • Effective water consumption management by installing foam systems and double debit toilet
  • Watering of greenery ensured by ¼ usage of two wells
  • Optimization of the quantities with the use of reusable containers
  • Good use of energy thanks to 98% LED lighting
  • Use of local and seasonal products for our breakfast offer
  • Electric vehicle fleet for the Residence

From 2018 onwards, new actions will complete the current commitments

  • Reduction in water flow rate, easy and fast to implement
  • Generalization of solar panel for the hot water system
  • Simple and profitable action for air-conditioning temperature control in the rooms
  • Implementation of refrigerators controlled by the occupation rate at the beginning and the end of the season
  • Increase of the eco-labelled products or biological agriculture
  • Diversification of our seasonal fruits offer and limitation of our consumption of oranges (high water consumption) with local and organic smoothies
  • Partial replacement of bottled water by home-made flavoured water
  • Installation of solar panels in the rest of the lodgings
  • Awaken the clients awareness on the impact of household linens cleaning in the rooms

Since 2018, we have also chosen to participate in joint reflection with the young company Avvena, on future initiatives to implement the mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Corsica.

Our Island is our most valuable asset and we strive on a daily basis to enhance the respect of the environment and the nature that surrounds us. By choosing to register in a responsible vision and the sustainable development of our business, we are acting to ensure consistency year after year in the quality of our services and a better future for the Corsica.

The Rispettu Label

Launched in 2016 by the Corsican UMIH (Hotel Trade and Industry Union), the Rispettu project has the mission to reduce the environmental impact of hotels in Corsica. Led by several consultants in partnership with the EVEA tourism (Environmental Assessment), the Corsican ADEME (Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the OEC (Corsican Environment Office), the Rispettu approach is based on a detailed analysis of hotels according to several environmental and economic indicators followed by the deployment of a plan of action that is appropriate to reduce, to the maximum, the greenhouse gas emissions of the hotels as well as their consumption of water, energy and the quantity of generated waste.

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