25 minutes from Porto-Vecchio, the marvel of “the City of Cliffs”. Bonifacio seems to be set on the sea and more than 60 metres above, its citadel is full of small typical shops and boutiques with Corsican products. Lose yourself in its alleys and streets and admire the beauty of the site and the magnificent views. Below, the port of Bonifacio is also a very popular site, where it is pleasant to stroll.


The city of Porto-Vecchio is known worldwide for its wonderful beaches near the city centre. Nature, transparent waters, and pine forests on the beach are part of the landscape offered by South Corsica. In the village, the citadel is well worth a visit, let yourself be taken to this historic site and its cobbled streets where there are many small shops. Below you can see the port where walking is part of the pleasant rituals at the end of the day.