At Domaine Santa Giulia Palace, respect, especially for nature, is the essence of our values.

Our family home, which we are handing down to future generations, ensures that good practice is followed so that welcoming our guests, discovering this enchanting place and sharing friendly, authentic moments can continue.

We are committed to preserving the environment in order to leave a positive and lasting impact locally. Domaine Santa Giulia Palace was a forerunner in this approach, being one of the first in 2017 to join the Rispettu programme, a Corsican sustainable development programme integrating the issues of this beautiful island that we cherish and wish to continue in the long term.

Below are some of the sustainable development initiatives we have introduced at our establishment.

OUR Initiatives


  • Our constructions and renovations : We always want to adapt to our natural environment. We protect our trees, we plant new ones every year, we maintain our scrubland… We don’t destroy nature when we build, on the contrary, we harmonise with it. We integrate with nature and our environment. We are only as good as our surroundings.
  • Solar panels : Solar panels are installed on our car parks to help produce hot water and electricity.
  • Electric car recharging : We have installed several recharging points on the estate to encourage the use of electric vehicles.
  • Reduction of plastic: : We are constantly striving to reduce the use of plastic. We only offer glass bottles, we have done away with plastic straws and we offer bathroom products in large containers.
  • Local sourcing : Wherever possible, we favour local sourcing, particularly from local producers (market gardeners, livestock farmers, dairy products, drinks, etc.).
  • Cleaning products: We only use eco-sustainable products.
  • Rispettu label (meaning “Respect” in Corsican) : Every year we help to strengthen this label by developing it and making it ever more restrictive in favour of an ever more responsible approach.

FUTURE Projects

  • The Eco Label: While we have focused on raising local awareness and adapting the restrictive measures to be put in place in tourist establishments in Corsica, the Eco Label is the only label recognised in all the countries of the European Union. It has the advantage of being known by everyone, and is an additional guarantee of recognition for our efforts.
  • Less Plastic : Who hasn’t seen plastic packaging washing up on beaches? We’re all sorry to see it. So if reducing plastic is essential, it’s even more so when we’re by the sea. Our aim is to force our suppliers to avoid plastic, and to communicate and finance actions to combat plastic waste at sea.
  • Beehives on the estate : Bees are the first link in the food chain We want to set up beehives on our 10-hectare estate to provide a rapid response to pollination and the direct increase in fauna and flora.
  • Water harvesting : We are lucky enough to have spring water flowing all year round on our estate. We want to be able to use it to provide the water we need to irrigate our plants and avoid using groundwater.
  • Glass processing and recovery : Made from natural materials and available in sufficient quantities, glass is an environmentally-friendly, neutral and 100% recyclable component. We want to strengthen our capacity to collect and recycle glass.
  • Becoming energy self-sufficient : In Corsica, we are lucky enough to have sunshine almost every day. And yet, electrical energy is not carbon-free. Photovoltaic solar panels are the solution with the most advantages for gaining autonomy. We want to increase our production capacity while preserving the aesthetics of the site.
  • Participate in the preservation and restoration of environments through sustainable operations.