From the outset, Antoine Cesari and his daughter Catherine Cesari called upon the architect Pierre Puccinelli, winner of the Prix de Rome and a pupil of the world-famous Renzo Piano, to capture the natural beauty of the bay of Santa Giulia and offer it to the guests of Domaine Santa Giulia Palace.

The result in 1988 was a refined, uncluttered environment that encourages guests to reconnect with themselves and share unique moments with family and friends.

A family story

“Domaine Santa Giulia Palace is an ode to the vibrant history of our family, where we are deepening the spirit of welcome, the authenticity of Corsican culture and know-how, while adding a new era to the legend by embellishing the establishment, modernising the services at the cutting edge of the moment and creating new experiences to share.

Since 2023, Sarah Cesari has taken over the management of the establishment from her mother.”

Toflourish TOGETHER

Employees are invited to grow, through intelligence, knowledge, exchange as well as sharing. At Santa Giulia Palace, pleasure, exemplarity, sharing and performance are the values that guide us every day.

Our aim: to offer our guests an exceptional experience through a moral contract that reveals and magnifies this site that is so precious to us.

We encourage you to slow down, to take the time you need to welcome, listen, share and learn from each other’s cultures.

It’s about opening up to everyone and anchoring ourselves in the history and future of a land, a terroir and a territory, for the lasting and equitable benefit of everyone, neighbours and distant visitors alike.

The aim is to build harmonious, equitable relationships that respect the living world, the rhythm of the seasons, the people and the diversity of ecosystems, and to unite all the stakeholders in putting in place the means to create and accelerate initiatives that embody this vision.

With the boldness of common sense.


At Domaine Santa Giulia Palace, there’s one issue we don’t argue about: preserving the environment. We make protecting nature an integral part of everything we do, in both production and service, with concrete, everyday actions and not just ideological ones. With humility, with the idea of protecting our family, our guests and this Corsica to which we owe everything.